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Facial Aesthetics While Pregnant

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 21, 2022 3:45:00 PM

You've just received the most glorious news…you're pregnant! It is such a joyous occasion, and you're absolutely thrilled! Naturally you’re going all out to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. That includes learning what is safe and what isn’t when it comes to your beauty routine.

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A Guide to Nasal Valve Surgery

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:42:00 PM

The inability to breathe easily can cause ongoing discomfort and frustration and it can rob you of sleep. Everyone deals with nasal congestion from time to time - we get a cold, or we have seasonal allergies, and that makes it difficult to breathe. However, it is a chronic and persistent problem for some people, disrupting daily life as something much more than an annoyance. One common cause of obstructed breathing is nasal valve collapse. This condition can be a structural issue from birth, or it can result from damage due to injury or even previous surgery performed on the nose. Board certified facial plastic surgeon and ENT (otolaryngologist), Dr. Jeffrey Raval says “there many nasal-specific causes, but few adequately trained surgeons that a patient can identify to help solve the problem and improve their life.”

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Do's & Don'ts to Appear Ageless

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:40:00 PM

The passage of time cannot be prevented, but the process of aging can be slowed. Knowing the internal and external factors that speed up the aging process allowed Dr. Raval to compile this simple list for your aesthetic health. He hopes this list helps his new and loyal patients to preserve and protect their natural youth.

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Spring in Colorado Could Mean Allergies for you

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:33:00 PM

Maybe you’re new to Colorado. You moved here to enjoy the great outdoors, the climate, and sunshine the majority of days per year. You might have been here a year or two and suddenly you find that you’re not outside enjoying nature’s beauty, but inside with all the symptoms of what would appear to be a cold.
Consider the possibility that you have allergies.

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What Does Too Clean Mean?

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:33:00 PM

Parents do never-ending battle with germs. We protect our infants and young children as best we can from exposure to viruses, dust and even pet dander. Even so, kids get sick. We respond by rushing them to the doctor at the first sign of a cold, hoping to minimize our child’s down time.

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Your Facelift: Moderate, Natural, and Healthy

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:33:00 PM

Although some view plastic surgery as dramatic, unrealistic, and vain, others—like Dr. Raval supports cosmetic surgeries as moderate, natural, and healthy procedures for patients with the right expectations. In a recent column, Huffington Post writer, Kristen Houghton supported Dr. Raval’s professional view in a natural aesthetic, saying she doesn’t “want to make a drastic change; I just want to look fresh and healthy.” Ms. Houghton, like many of Dr. Raval’s patients, have learned that not only are natural, healthy-looking procedures available with the right surgeon, but also that each procedure is as unique as the patient. Knowing that your facelift, eyelid lift, or other surgical treatment is uniquely your own allows you to see the myth of the “dramatic, unrealistic, and vain surgery.” Through individual consultation and deep expertise, Dr. Raval supports surgery only as a positive option for his patients’ appearance, health, and self-image. Ms. Houghton is a good example of the patient with realistic expectations.

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