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Thanks to continued advancements in medical technology, in-office skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments are more popular than ever, making them more widely available to the average consumer. Medical technology has really refined laser technology in recent years and with so many options in the market now, patients have been seeking more guidance to find the right treatment for them. So, if you’re considering a skin enhancement procedure, you may well wonder what technology we use here at Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics. Let’s take a look!

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We Are Selective in Choosing Devices

In keeping with Dr. Jeffrey Raval’s fundamental philosophy of “less is more,” he carefully evaluates new technology as it becomes available. Is it truly new and improved? A tool that will further enhance treatment experience and results? Or is it really just another version of an existing option? In general, we prefer to use modular systems because they are more versatile and adaptable to individual patient needs and they are easy to expand or upgrade to offer more treatment options in the future.

This process ensures we can always offer our patients the best of the best, without investing unnecessarily in redundant or less-advantageous tools.

Lasers vs. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

While true lasers use precisely controlled heat, IPL devices use precisely-targeted beams of light to target and correct skin imperfections. Lasers can be ablative or non-ablative, whereas IPL is always a non-ablative treatment. However, both types of devices can produce a wide range of results, so even though the treatment mechanisms are different, we often refer to IPL procedures as “laser” treatments.

Here’s a look at the key devices and systems we use.

Sciton Laser System

Sciton is one of the best-known and respected names in medical technology. Their modular laser systems enable us to provide a wide range of treatment options for patients, from correcting superficial surface imperfections, such as visible veins, pigment or discoloration, to improving fine lines, wrinkles, and texture issues.

ProFractional Laser

Profractional laser is an ablative laser that treats the skin in microchannels. This means that the laser is only treating a fraction of the skin at one time, leaving the surrounding skin intact, which provides faster healing. This allows us to treat the skin at a higher depth while still providing a safe, more gentle treatment.


This is another module in the Sciton system that uses advanced, non-invasive IPL technology that is safer and more comfortable for patients. BBL HERO stands for Broad Band Light - High Energy, Rapid Output. With this tool, we can use different light wavelengths to address specific skin problems from lines and wrinkles to discoloration or vascular lesions on the face or body. We love this one because we can treat multiple issues simultaneously. Another amazing feature is that the BBL HERO has an in motion setting to be able to treat larger surface areas in a shorter amount of time and with more comfort for the patient. This allows patients to treat full legs, full arms, and other large areas of the body with ease.

The BBL HERO also has an acne treatment option that can help to improve redness and inflammation from cystic acne. This blue light setting also helps to kill bacteria and get rid of active breakouts in a flash!

Cynosure Laser System

This is another modular system from another top-of-the-line company. Cynosure makes both. Our system includes: The Apogee Elite module, with two options that enable us to treat all skin types and tones for laser hair removal utilizing the Alexandrite and Yag wavelengths.

DiamondTomeTM for Microdermabrasion

This is an alternative to chemical peels. It also resurfaces skin by removing the epidermis, but it is painless and requires no downtime, plus the treatment encourages naturally increased production of collagen.

Diolite Laser

This is actually, specifically designed to correct lesions such as HEMcherry angioma (non cancerous), sebaceous hyperplasia, and skin tags. We also use the diolite to erase tiny, visible capillaries on the nose or cheeks.

Microneedling - an Alternative to Lasers

Sometimes laser (or IPL) treatment is not the best choice for your skin condition, skin type or desired results. Microneedling gives us a wonderful, non-laser alternative. Instead of heat or light, very tiny needles perforate the skin’s surface to a specifically-controlled depth, in turn stimulating the healing response that produces new, smoother and more uniform skin. Microneedling works great for textural concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles and acne scarring.

Ready for a Consultation?

If you still have questions about our collection of lasers and other tools to treat your skin, please reach out to schedule a consultation. With our Visia Complexion Analysis, we can create a unique and detailed treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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