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Urban Peak Service Day

Raval Facial Aesthetics was proud to support a service project for Urban Peak; a housing organization for homeless and at-risk youth. More than 80 volunteers came out to lay flooring for resident homes and over $30,000 in donations were secured!

Senior Support Services

Senior Support Services

Raval Facial Aesthetics is pleased to be a supporter of the Lion Project, working to help Senior Support Services. Together with our community, we were able to make the economic impact of over $25,000 to benefit the only day shelter for seniors in Colorado!

Senior Support Services

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HomeAid Colorado Service Day

Dr. Raval and his team supported the HomeAid Colorado Service Day this quarter as their selected non-profit charity in conjunction with the Lion Project. See the difference Colorado Homeless Families is making in Arvada.

Colorado Dragon

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival’s 2015 Honorary Patron

The Honorary Patron is an individual or entity with a proven record of philanthropic and charitable efforts that support awareness and the betterment of both the APA community and communities throughout Colorado.

Street’s Hope

In order to be A Voice for the Silent Heroes, Raval Facial Aesthetics has partnered with The Lion Project to provide for the need of the residents of Street’s Hope to feel safe where they live. Street’s Hope is a non-profit dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking reclaim and restore their lives. Prior to this project, these women were being harassed by perpetrators. To help prevent these perpetrator’s acts, security and keyless entry systems were installed.

Joshua Station

Raval Facial Aesthetics has also partnered with Joshua Station. The Joshua Station is a faith-based community helping families make the transition from homelessness to a healthy, stable living environment. Since 2001 Joshua Station has provided long-term transformational housing and support for high-risk families with multiple barriers to self-sufficiency.

Street’s Hope

Street’s Hope

The vision for Hope House came through the founders’ work with teenage moms in a Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) support group. Lisa Steven and Amie Walton, who had both been teen mothers themselves, found that most of the girls they worked with had very unstable home lives. Many had alcohol or drug addicted parents. Some were homeless, and almost all had been abused in some way as a child. Searches for resources, especially housing, were frustrating. Most providers were “maternity homes,” serving pregnant teens who were allowed to stay only six months following the birth of a child. Almost no one would take a teen who was already parenting. With the realization of such a deep need, came a call on the hearts of the founders to build a home for teen moms and their children. The vision from the beginning was to create a model, and to one day serve teen moms in Hope House homes all over the country. Raval Facial Aesthetics partnered with Hope House to help pay for 1500 sq.ft. of flooring, paint 5 rooms and deep clean the entire upstairs of the house and five cars.