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Denver Chin Augmentation


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Chin Augmentation

Before + After Photos

Chin augmentations help align and balance the features of the face. Dr. Raval often performs them in combination with other surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Is Chin Augmentation Right for Me?

The decision to have any type of cosmetic surgery is a big one. When you're looking at altering the appearance of your face, as with a chin augmentation, you will want to be certain of a few things before going ahead. How will you look? Who will be the best to perform the surgery? Is this the right procedure to achieve my goals? All of these questions are best answered during your personal consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Raval, but you can get a good start with some information here.

Look for Photos of People Like You

The more photos you review, the more you will learn about realistic chin augmentation results. But the most helpful photos will be ones of people most like you in gender and age and people with similar pre-surgery concerns.

Choose Your Surgeon Carefully

It takes many years of medical training and experience to become a first-rate surgeon. It also requires an innate artistic sense. We’re talking about your face here! Dr. Jeffrey Raval, MD, FACS believes finesse is fundamental, so his philosophy is “less is more.” In other words, the least amount of surgery that will produce the best possible results.

As critical as it is to choose a surgeon with top-notch medical training and proven experience, it is equally important to choose someone you feel comfortable talking to. No surgeon can do their best work for you unless you are open and honest about your concerns, your health, and the results you hope to achieve.

Surgery is highly personal. Choose the surgeon that gives you confidence and who will work with you as a partner in restoring a refreshed appearance to your face.

Do Your Homework

Reviewing before and after photos will show you what you might expect from a chin augmentation. To know for sure whether surgery is right for you, learn as much as you can about surgical options for improving the appearance of your chin. Learn about the surgery itself, too – how long it takes, the amount of downtime for recovery, etc.

We know you’ll still have lots of questions, so the final step is a personal consultation with Dr. Raval. Then you can decide if you want if a chin augmentation is the way to go.

Get Your Chin Augmentation Consult

In-person only - $100 fee