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Your Facelift: Moderate, Natural, and Healthy

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:33:00 PM

Although some view plastic surgery as dramatic, unrealistic, and vain, others—like Dr. Raval supports cosmetic surgeries as moderate, natural, and healthy procedures for patients with the right expectations. In a recent column, Huffington Post writer, Kristen Houghton supported Dr. Raval’s professional view in a natural aesthetic, saying she doesn’t “want to make a drastic change; I just want to look fresh and healthy.” Ms. Houghton, like many of Dr. Raval’s patients, have learned that not only are natural, healthy-looking procedures available with the right surgeon, but also that each procedure is as unique as the patient. Knowing that your facelift, eyelid lift, or other surgical treatment is uniquely your own allows you to see the myth of the “dramatic, unrealistic, and vain surgery.” Through individual consultation and deep expertise, Dr. Raval supports surgery only as a positive option for his patients’ appearance, health, and self-image. Ms. Houghton is a good example of the patient with realistic expectations.

Dr. Raval started his practice, both Raval Facial Aesthetics and Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, to serve every patient as unique. When seeking a surgeon, many patients want certain symptoms of aging to change and other facial features to remain. Ms. Houghton, for example, displays this personal choice and investment when she says, “I like my nose and the fact that it has a tiny scar on it from MOHS skin cancer surgery doesn’t matter to me. It’s a badge of honor, really.” It’s patients like Ms. Houghton who are realistic and clear about their aesthetic goals and boundaries, who on their own or through consultation view their procedure as an investment, that Dr. Raval supports through surgery. “Surgeries are best for someone looking for subtle to moderate improvement in certain areas, which means being realistic,” says Dr. Raval. “Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone,” Dr. Raval adds, “It isn’t going to make dramatic changes to life or raise someone from a depressive state about their image.” Through consultation with Dr. Raval, patients learn that a realistic and goal-oriented procedure is a healthy one because it creates reasonable expectations with natural results.

Learn more about how you can give yourself a refreshed, natural rejuvenation with a surgical or non-surgical procedure, like a facelift or laser treatment, by reviewing before-and-after photos. To set goals and create the best procedure for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Raval by calling (303) 381-FACE.

SOURCE: Kristen Houghton. “Why a Facelift Is in My Future.” HuffingtonPost.com. 09/06/2013. 

facelift and necklift before and after

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