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Skincare for Specific Conditions

02/16/24 | 2 MIN READ

We all want our complexion to be as healthy-looking, smooth, and youthful as possible. But we all have different skin and different concerns about our appearance. That’s why we offer non-surgical skin treatments here at Raval Facial Aesthetics that are very effective at helping improve a variety of common skin issues and imperfections. However, sometimes we need to get more specific because there are a few skin conditions that don’t really respond well to broader treatments.

Loose, Crepey Skin

Skin loses its natural elasticity for several reasons. Over time, diminished production of hyaluronic acid causes skin to become drier. Facial volume also diminishes over time. The fat that gives us rounded-but-firm facial contours when we’re young disappears or shifts, allowing skin to sag. Weight gain stretches skin, but it doesn’t always contract smoothly if you lose the weight.

While some skin rejuvenation treatments can help tighten skin to some extent, SkinTyte zeroes right in on laxity. Using a specialized light-based technology that works on the skin’s surface, it reinvigorates collagen production in sub-surface layers. This naturally repairs the skin with new cells that are firmer and a surface appearance that is smoother and more lifted-looking.

Spider Veins

Some men and women get spider veins on their face or neck – tiny red or purple lines that typically occur on the cheeks or around the nose. These are capillaries or damaged blood vessels—not the same thing as varicose veins, which are a more serious issue. Spider veins are not dangerous, but they can be bothersome aesthetically. If they bother you, we can help you get rid of them using a Diolite laser.

This type of laser is also effective for reducing the appearance of red or dark spots such as cherry angiomas, age spots, freckles, and small, flat moles.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP is a serum we make here in our office using a small sample of your own blood. We separate the blood to isolate the platelets, the element that promotes healing at wound sites. This process is simple and takes just a few minutes. We can then use the PRP with treatments such as microneedling to help produce better, faster results.

Is Something Bugging You About Your Skin?

Whether you’re looking for general improvement or there is a specific skin issue that concerns you, we’re here to help you choose the treatment that will be most effective for you. A personal consultation is a great way to learn more about treatment options, and an expert medical aesthetician can help you learn more about your own skin, too. Taking control of your complexion is as easy as making an appointment.

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