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Raval Facial Aesthetics Blog

Photoaging: How the Sun Damages Skin

Posted by Amy Raval on Jan 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Sunshine, though lovely as it is, is the #1 beauty burglar. Most people are aware that sun exposure can cause damage to our skin since it usually only takes one bar sunburn to learn. What you may not know is that the sun is responsible for as much as 90% of skin aging. Over-exposure to the sun can cause premature skin aging and, much more seriously, it can cause skin cancer. How does that happen?

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5 Products or Procedures Raval Employees Use Themselves

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:41:00 PM

Our clients at Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics often ask us for recommendations. After all, that’s what a consultation is for – our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the product or procedure that’s exactly right for you. Occasionally, someone asks for the ultimate recommendation – what procedures or products do we use ourselves to keep our skin looking fresh and healthy?

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Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:41:00 PM

You may not be aware that, over time, slight furrowing and frowning are causing severe facial signs of aging. The brain impulsively sends messages to facial muscles to tighten and tense every day. Your instinct to wrinkle is hard-wired.

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Dr. Raval's Do's & Don'ts for Aging Prevention

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:40:00 PM

The passage of time cannot be prevented, but the process of aging can be slowed. Knowing the internal and external factors that speed up the aging process allowed Dr. Raval to compile this simple list for your aesthetic health. He hopes this list helps his new and loyal patients to preserve and protect their natural youth.

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Beyond Laser: Resurfacing Options to Improve Acne Scars

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:37:00 PM

In a recent blog, we talked about the value of using laser resurfacing treatments to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Laser resurfacing is a common procedure for reducing acne scarring – and often a very effective choice. But laser isn’t always the best option, because there are different types of acne scars and because lasers don’t work equally well on all skin types or colors.

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Paraben Free Sunscreens Now Widely Available!

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:30:00 PM

Parabens are a class of chemicals that are widely used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies as a preservative for their products. They are quite controversial because of the large number of side effects reported. Parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors and can even mimic estrogen. Some studies show that this estrogen indicator can lead to early puberty in girls. Additionally, parabens can cause allergic reactions on skin, ranging from rashes to rosacea.

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Laser resurfacing for acne scars

Posted by Amy Raval on Aug 23, 2018 3:35:00 PM

One of the most frustrating skin conditions for men and women is acne scars. Fortunately, there are several different types of treatments available to reduce visible scarring and give your skin a more even tone and smoother texture. One of the most popular options is laser resurfacing.

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Now Offering Augmented PRP, Also Known as PRFM

Posted by Amy Raval on Sep 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

You’ve probably heard or read about PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, one of the newer techniques for minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement. Now Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics is offering the “next gen” platelet-based technique, called Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). You could say this system is like PRP, only turbo-charged.

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Why summer is a great time for microneedling treatments

Posted by Amy Raval on Jun 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Summer is the season when our skin is most exposed. But while shorts, tank tops, swimwear, etc. reveal more of our body, our face is still the feature people usually notice first. If you’ve been wishing you could display smoother, more youthful looking skin this summer – on any part of your body -- microneedling may be your perfect choice.

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Spider Veins and Varicose Veins, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Amy Raval on Feb 14, 2017 10:00:00 AM

As we get older, our veins often become more visible, especially in our legs and hands. Are we seeing varicose veins, or spider veins? What’s the difference? Or is there a difference? We’re often asked these questions at Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, so let’s see if we can clear things up.

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