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Facial Aesthetics While Pregnant

03/21/22 | 2 MIN READ

You've just received the most glorious news…you're pregnant! It is such a joyous occasion, and you're absolutely thrilled! Naturally you’re going all out to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. That includes learning what is safe and what isn’t when it comes to your beauty routine.

Take a minute and think about everything that you put on your skin. Anything you put on or in your body while you’re pregnant can be absorbed into your body and possibly passed along to your baby. Many ingredients that carry little risk for you may be much riskier for that tiny developing fetus or breastfeeding newborn. In addition, your own body is changing in many ways, namely those fluctuating hormones.

This is a time to think “kinder and gentler” -- treating yourself as carefully as you’ll treat your little one when he or she arrives on scene.

Pausing Botox During Pregnancy

Although you're a devoted Botox® or Dysport client, making your regular appointments every three months, you will have to take a break during pregnancy. The same goes for dermal fillers, for the same reasons. Botox and fillers have been thoroughly tested in myriad clinical trials, but not on pregnant women. So we really don’t know how dangerous they may or may not be. We can all agree that it’s not worth risking your baby’s health.

Luckily, Mother Nature gives you a natural, beautiful glow to take over for these nine months! Besides, pregnancy tends to plump up your cheeks and lips as well as your breasts, so getting filler now wouldn’t make much sense. Better to wait till your features return to normal.

Put Latisse on Hold During Pregnancy

We also recommend that you discontinue using Latisse during pregnancy. Again, this product has not been studied in pregnant humans. However, the Food and Drug Administration notes that animal studies of oral use of bimatoprost have revealed multiple damaging results. (Latisse is a topical product, not oral, but it’s the same active ingredient.) We think your lashes are lower-priority than your baby’s health, so press pause on Latisse. Go get some super plumping mascara instead!

Safe Skin Care While Pregnant

While you’re pregnant, it's best to stay away from retinoids, too. Retinoids are often found in acne treatments, and pregnant women often suffer from acne. However, synthetic vitamin A can injure a developing fetus and may cause miscarriage or birth defects.

Also, be cautious with salicylic acid. This is found in some acne treatments as well as other skin care products. Studies now indicate that it is safe to use these products during pregnancy, as long as the product is no more than 2% salicylic acid and you don’t use it more than once or twice a day.

You can safely resume any or all of these treatments once you are done breastfeeding.
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Don't Despair with All of These No-No's!

There's plenty you can safely do during pregnancy to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

  • Exfoliate gently every day with a soft facial cleansing brush to remove dead skin cells.
  • Schedule a monthly microdermabrasion for professional exfoliation.
  • Get periodic facials. During pregnancy, choose options that focus on hydration or collagen or those that use steam, LED light or mild fruit acid for peels and extractions. We highly recommend a HydraFacial. This treatment is very gentle yet provides multiple benefits, and we always customize the treatment for each patient so we can easily avoid any ingredients that are not pregnancy-friendly.
  • Above all, don't forget sunscreen! It can be your best friend during this time, especially if you develop hormone related melasma. We have some great options for you to consider!

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You’re expecting a little bundle of joy, so let us congratulate you in person! Schedule your consultation and allow our highly skilled team of aestheticians to recommend exactly the right treatments or products to keep you looking your best, safely!

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