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Self-Care and Stress Management: How MedSpa Treatments Enhance Wellness

07/31/23 | 2 MIN READ

The ahhhh in “spa” is a very real phenomenon. Massage, facials, and body treatments may feel like luxurious indulgences, but they actually do alleviate stress, improve relaxation, and enhance overall wellbeing. The same is true for many medical spa treatments, although they also offer more advanced therapeutic benefits such as skin improvement and rejuvenation.

How Does that Work, Exactly?

One of the nicest benefits of visiting a day spa is just being there. The peaceful and pampering atmosphere contributes as much as the treatments themselves (which are typically also soothing).

Traditional spa treatments promote health and wellness in multiple ways:

  • Massage helps improve your circulation, which benefits your entire body. And speaking of head to toes, some studies have shown that foot massage can help alleviate headaches.
  • Massage of the face or body stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system that relaxes muscles. That pressure on your skin also prompts the brain to release mood-boosting endorphins. But massage also invigorates the skin. No wonder you feel both calmer and more refreshed. You may even feel more energized!
  • When you’re more relaxed, you sleep better, and that’s good for your brain and body. But it turns out “beauty sleep” is no myth – getting plenty of rest increases blood flow to the skin to support natural repair and rejuvenation.
  • Aromatherapy is also relaxing and can help reduce depression. There’s a reason you’re surrounded by wonderful, soothing fragrance the moment you step in the door!

Medical Spas Provide Even More of a Good Thing

A great medical spa offers the same focus on comfort but with a wider menu of treatments. Some of those treatments are similar to what you might enjoy at a day spa. However, all of the procedures use medical grade devices and/or products and are performed by a physician or an aesthetician with specialized, advanced training.

Each procedure is designed to improve the quality and/or appearance of your skin. You can minimize scars, symptoms of conditions such as rosacea or fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots associated with aging. You can restore your skin’s youthful vitality.

So, with medical spa treatments you’re doing something for yourself that will have immediate benefit – the relaxation and wellbeing boost you get at any spa -- but you’re also making lasting improvements. By incorporating these procedures into a holistic self-care routine, you’re working in two ways to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

You can feel your best and look your best, too.

Wellness is not only about your physical health - wellbeing is an emotional and psychological state of mind. Looking your best by improving whatever is bugging you about your face and skin can give a life-changing boost to your self-image and confidence. More to smile about. Maybe even renewed interest in other self-care efforts such as weight loss or getting more exercise or eating a healthier diet.

However you go about it, taking action to enhance your overall wellbeing is good for your health. When you want to know more about which medical spa treatments would benefit you most, our team here at Raval Facial Aesthetics is here to help.

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