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4 Surprising Benefits of Plastic Surgery

07/23/20 | 2 MIN READ

There is no denying that cosmetic surgery is a popular option for people seeking a rejuvenated, youthful look. Plastic surgery is also an option for patients who need a medical condition corrected, like a deviated septum or collapsed nasal valve. In fact, 18.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the US in 2019 - 16.3 million of those were minimally invasive. Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and laser skin treatments were the top procedures - each can be done at a short office visit and don’t involve much recovery time. Why are so many Americans turning to cosmetic procedures to achieve improvements in their physical appearance? We know of 4 great benefits that our clients experience consistently.

Improved Self-Esteem and Confidence

A poor self-image is often what sends people scouring the Internet for options in the first place. Acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, facial blemishes - these are all things that can cause embarrassment for people who are afflicted. Many of our patients admit to hiding their face behind scarves or large sunglasses, afraid to be truly seen. The great news is that there is a variety of minimally invasive procedures designed to erase or diminish the appearance of these types of flaws. Once clients have experienced improvement in the texture and visible appearance of their skin, their confidence blossoms. No longer afraid of showing their face, they carry themselves with a new sense of self worth. It’s quite incredible to witness.  

Enhanced Mental and Emotional Health

Our clients have reported being so preoccupied with what they think others are seeing on their face that they miss out on the simple joys of life like enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or strolling through the park on a sunny day. Instead they are scared, anxious, depressed, and angry about how they perceive themselves. When these patients experience tangible improvements in their appearance, it does something to their mental and emotional well-being. They stop isolating themselves for fear of being seen. They join in on what life has to offer and they experience much more joy when they can let go of the negative emotions. 

Healthier Lifestyle

Perhaps a byproduct of improved self-esteem as well as a more positive emotional and mental state, people who have taken advantage of cosmetic procedures often lead healthier lifestyles afterwards. The tendency is to take better care of themselves as a whole, maybe as a way to protect their investment. Since several procedures require more than one visit, like Botox and dermal fillers, microneedling and laser hair removal, people get into a routine of self-care and maintenance. Diets improve and exercise becomes a bigger part of life for many of our clients. 

Improved Medical Conditions

In 2019, an additional 5.9 million reconstructive procedures were performed in the US. Tumor removal was by far the most common procedure, done 4.4 million times. Talk about saving lives!  Maxillofacial surgeons are trained to identify and correct a host of issues around the head, neck, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Birth defects or injuries can cause incredible discomfort and malfunction of these areas and many people seek plastic surgery to correct them. Rhinoplasty can also address medical conditions that cause difficulty breathing like a deviated septum. Hand surgery was performed more than 141,000 times in 2019 - repairing deformities and injuries to allow proper function and mobility. 

In the past, plastic and cosmetic surgery has had a reputation for being a last ditch effort to maintain a youthful appearance by the wealthy. When we take a look at what these procedures actually do for people - regular people like you and me - we can see that there’s so much more to it than shelling out money in the name of vanity. Improving self-esteem and mental health are huge benefits of investing in your outward appearance. Preventative measures can be taken as well - limiting sun exposure, getting the occasional chemical peel, trying out dermal fillers. The importance of self-care is becoming widely known and we see so many Millennials taking advantage. What a wonderful trend; taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of cosmetic surgery yourself, please contact us for a personal, private consultation. We would love to hear from you!New call-to-action

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