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Identify Expert Botox Injectors

01/07/21 | 2 MIN READ

Just because Botox is easy to get, doesn't mean you should get it from just anyone. Botox injections are not a spa treatment, they are a medical procedure, and every state regulates who can administer Botox injections. There are always localized risks any time you puncture the skin. Things such as bruising, swelling, infection or pain. So it’s good to keep in mind that getting Botox means getting injections.

But that shouldn’t scare or even worry you, if you choose an expert provider.

Invest Your Trust as Wisely as You Invest Your Dollars

With the right injector, you can feel confident you will get the best possible results from your Botox injections, with minimal risk of complications. Here’s why:

Medical Expertise

Your goal may be aesthetic – reducing or preventing visible wrinkles – but those dynamic wrinkles are more than skin-deep. Botox works by reducing muscle movements that create visible wrinkling. Results and safety both depend on extremely precise placement and using just the right amount of product.

In order to accomplish those goals, your injector must have extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and physiology. This is essential because a tiny mistake can increase risk of serious, longer-lasting functional or aesthetic complications. A December 2020 study published by the National Institutes of Health underscores this, noting that “the risk of possible complications can be reduced by means of a thorough analysis of the patient’s medical history and the use of the appropriate dose and technique for the injection.”

We’re proud to tell you about our medical expertise, because patient safety is always our #1 goal at Raval Facial Aesthetics. You can learn more about Dr. Raval and our aesthetic injectors here. We are even more proud to tell you that Dr. Jeff Raval is so highly regarded as an expert that physicians and nurse practitioners nationwide come to Denver to learn from him how to properly inject Botox.

Honest Assessment

Sure, you can quite easily make a Botox appointment, but should you? Despite the fact that millions of Americans get Botox treatments each year, this is not necessarily the best choice for every person or every facial wrinkle. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid Botox. The same is true if you’re taking certain medications. Allergic reactions can also happen.

And then there’s the question of using Botox or Dysport. While very similar, they are not identical. An experienced professional who understands the differences and what they mean for patients can advise you properly. Along that same line, a full-service medspa that offers a wide range of non-surgical facial rejuvenation options isn’t wholly dependent on Botox or dermal filler injections, so you can expect treatment recommendations that are honestly tailored to provide the results you seek both safely and effectively.


Dr. Raval has developed a special technique that minimizes risk of bleeding, bruising or swelling. In addition to combining the Botox with saline, we use only the thinnest needles available. These differences set Raval Facial Aesthetics apart from other practices in that they ensure a safe and comfortable experience, each and every time.

Predicting Results

Every face is different and bodies respond differently to Botox injections. With that in mind, you can still get a good idea of the results our Raval Facial Aesthetics patients have achieved by checking out our Before and After photo gallery. And speaking of results, Botox is known for its ability to prevent as well as minimize wrinkles. Our ClubTOX memberships make it easy to stay on track with these and other valuable skin rejuvenation treatments, to maintain a vibrant and youthful appearance.

If medical professionals trust Dr. Raval to teach them how to do Botox injections right, you can trust him and our entire team of highly skilled injectors to do right by you, too. Click below to get started with your personal consultation. 

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