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Expectations for Botox Results

02/12/21 | 2 MIN READ

The key to happiness with any facial rejuvenation procedure, whether it’s surgical or non-surgical, is realistic expectations. If you’re expecting the impossible, you are destined for disappointment. At Raval Facial Aesthetics, we always emphasize improvement, not perfection, because making things “better” is an attainable aesthetic goal. That said, sometimes the difference can be dramatic.

If you’re considering Botox injections, you can certainly expect to see improvement. Botox has been a perennial worldwide favorite since 1977 because it works. At RFA, we also offer Dysport, another derivative of botulinum toxin that works in the same way as Botox but which can produce better results in some patients or in certain facial areas. Whichever you choose, how much more youthful will you look?

Realistic Botox Expectations

Your age, skin type, genetics, and the expressions you make every day all affect where and how visibly wrinkles start to appear on your face. Botox does not eliminate wrinkles - that is important to keep in mind. It works to minimize the appearance of dynamic wrinkles (frown or forehead lines, crow’s feet, smile lines, etc.) by calming the nerves that contract muscles to form these facial expressions.

An experienced, properly trained injector can precisely place just the right amount of Botox so that wrinkling is less visible (maybe even indiscernible) when you talk, laugh, and so on. You can expect a secondary benefit as well, because Botox injections also help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

So Let’s Talk Results

Of course, results will vary from person to person. Our patients are real people, so your face may respond differently to Botox than someone else’s. You may see more or less change than they do. Nonetheless, a great way to get a realistic idea about Botox results is to review before and after patient photos - check out our patient photo gallery. So what should your expectations for results be? Let’s address that concern.

Botox Results Are Not Necessarily Immediate

It takes some time for Botox to take effect after it has been injected. Some patients see improvement right away, especially if we are treating fine lines rather than deeper wrinkles. Most patients start to notice diminished wrinkling within a couple of days, though it might take longer to achieve maximum improvement.

Botox Results Are Temporary

It takes about six months for Botox to be absorbed by the body. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and safe. However, in order to maintain consistent results, we usually recommend renewal injections about every four months, before the effects of Botox begin to dissipate. Over time, most patients find they need less frequent injections to maintain their results.

Botox Can Be a Results Booster

While Botox injections play a starring role when it comes to reducing progression of dynamic wrinkles, this treatment also plays a notable supporting role whencombined with other skin rejuvenation treatments, especially laser treatments and dermal fillers. Botox can help prolong your results, and who doesn’t want that?

At-Home Care Enhances Results

Botox can do great things to help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and keep them from worsening, but you can’t rely on injections alone to achieve your aesthetic goals. If you want the best, longest-lasting results, you have to do your part, too. That means investing in a daily care regimen designed to promote and maintain healthy skin and youthful good looks.

However, not all skin care products are equally effective. To ensure his patients get the highest quality, most appropriate products for their specific skin, Dr. Jeff Raval created a proprietary Raval Rx line of skin care products that protect, moisturize and nourish.

One Final Point

We’ve been talking here about realistic expectations for Botox facial injections, because that is the most common treatment. But Botox can also help improve hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) as well as bruxism (clenching or grinding teeth) and even migraines (though we do not treat migraines at Raval Facial Aesthetics - we are happy to refer you to a specialist). To get a realistic idea how these treatments might help you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Raval or one of our expert nurse injectors today!

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