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Average Botox and Dysport Treatment Time

04/04/21 | 2 MIN READ

How much time should you allot for Botox and Dysport injections? We could simply tell you that these treatments typically take less than 5 minutes, and leave it at that. But while that is true, there is more you should know about treatment time because this helps you understand what is involved and why it’s so important to choose the right provider.

Both Botox and Dysport are derivatives of botulinum toxin, processed for safe use in humans to temporarily block the neurotransmitters that are responsible for muscle contraction. Here at Raval Facial Aesthetics, we use these products to reduce and help prevent dynamic wrinkles and to alleviate bruxism (teeth clenching) and excessive hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating). Botox injections are the most popular aesthetic enhancement treatment in the world, because they work and because they are, indeed, quick.

Factors that Affect Treatment Time

Patients often ask, “How many injections will I receive?” This depends on how your Botox injector treats target areas. Most areas require more than one injection, or we may be treating multiple areas on your face or neck.

If you have obvious wrinkles or deep creases, you will likely require more product to produce visible results than if your concern is developing finer lines or wrinkles. Based on your specific need and aesthetic goals, we precisely place the Botox where it will help control the muscles causing your wrinkles.

We also use Botox as a form of preventive maintenance, to help you avoid potential wrinkles before they have a chance to become very noticeable. For this, we place the Botox in “at risk” areas where dynamic wrinkles are just starting to develop.

At Raval Facial Aesthetics, we use a special formulation of Botox or Dysport, created by Dr. Raval to give his patients the best possible experience. The Botox is concentrated so we can use less per injection to achieve the same result. It is also thinned with saline. The thinner consistency and the fact that we use hyper-thin needles minimizes risk of discomfort or bruising.

No Downtime Required

Botox appointments are “in and out,” with no downtime. This expediency has earned the procedure its nickname: the Lunch Hour Treatment. Some patients experience mild swelling or bruising, which usually fades within a few days.

As Time Goes On

Botox and Dysport injections are not a one-time procedure. Results are temporary because the product is naturally absorbed over a period of months. So you will need renewal injections to maintain your new, smoother appearance. Some research has shown that, over time, treatments last longer, so you may be able to schedule repeat treatments less frequently. Remember, too, that Botox can’t prevent future wrinkles unless you keep using it (or stop making facial expressions - how boring!).

Invest the Time to Choose the Right Provider

In order to avoid wasting time with unwanted side-effects, it is imperative to choose a provider who has the medical knowledge to carefully navigate among tiny veins to precisely place each injection. Dr. Jeff Raval is a nationally-recognized Botox expert, and our team of aesthetic injectors are all highly qualified and experienced.

If you’re a new Botox or Dysport patient, we will first do a facial exam and get some medical history from you as we’re hearing about your aesthetic concerns and desired results. That way we can be sure these injections will be a safe, effective choice for you. The length of your appointments will vary, but you can probably estimate more time getting to our office than actually receiving your Botox treatment! Now that’s quick!

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