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What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

Posted by Amy Raval on May 21, 2020 4:13:00 PM

Aging is inevitable. For most of us, so are wrinkles and sagging skin on our forehead, jawline, and neck. Many years of sun exposure and gravitational pull on our faces will cause visible signs of our age. Kind of a bummer, right? At Raval Facial Aesthetics and ENT, we certainly get it and we are here to tell you that you don’t have to be resigned to a face that makes you look and feel old! Dr. Jeffrey Raval, MD, MBA, FACS can make small changes that provide big results to keep your face looking youthful and vibrant. His “less is more” philosophy is what makes results so natural-looking.

Deep Plane Facelift

The medical advancements in the cosmetic surgery field have given us a truly dynamic set of tools to help you achieve the exact changes you’re seeking. From smoothing those crow’s feet to altering the shape of your nose, there are many varied degrees of invasiveness, recovery times, and drama in results. With a skilled surgeon like Dr. Raval, you will undergo a treatment plan specifically tailored to you and your own unique goals. Here we will explore the Deep Plane Facelift, a great option for patients seeking to correct – you guessed it – deeper wrinkles and more advanced signs of aging.

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

While wrinkles and lost volume in the face are visibly obvious, what we cannot see are the changes that occur deeper within the muscles and tissues that support our facial features. And unlike the facelifts of years past, we know have the knowledge and tools to address the underlying structures, rather than just tightening the skin over them as had been standard procedure for many years. The Deep Plane Facelift technique involves a comprehensive release and repositioning of all tethering points of the face. By performing a deep plane release between muscle layers, there are no opposing tension forces, providing longer lasting results without scarring or irregularities that are sometimes possible with other types of lifts.

What Does a Deep Plane Facelift Entail?

The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. Local anesthetic with deep sedation or general anesthetic will be administered. When he’s ready to begin, Dr. Raval will create incisions along your hairline, then cut and release various ligaments to reposition and reattach them to achieve your desired results. The Deep Plane option is certainly the most invasive facelift, but will provide the longest lasting results. This technique requires tremendous skill. By choosing Dr. Raval, you can be confident your face is in the hands of a surgeon who is highly qualified and experienced.

Deep Plane Facelift Results

We know that no matter what your aesthetic goal is, natural looking results are paramount. You want to look vibrant and healthy with youth restored, but you don’t want your transformation to make you look obviously “plastic.” That’s always Dr. Raval’s top priority, too. Using the deep plane technique, he will help you achieve a more youthful appearance that will last longer. Patients typically look 10 to 15 years younger. Over time, your face will continue to age naturally, of course. But you will still look that much younger than your actual age.

Dr. Raval always makes the smallest incisions possible. Once you have recovered, the scars will not be visible because they’ll be hidden in your hairline. People may well comment on how great you look – have you been on vacation? But they’ll never know you had a facelift unless you tell them.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Deep Plane Facelift?

Although a generally healthy person can undergo any facelift procedure at any age, the best candidates for the deep plane option are a bit older, with advanced signs of aging. Target areas are also a consideration since this procedure addresses severe jowling and/or banding in the neck area. Dr. Raval believes that, for many patients, the deep plane facelift is indeed the best option because the results are better. The deep plane facelift can be a great fit for certain patients looking for a more extensive type of facelift.

As always, a personal consultation is the best way to learn more. Dr. Raval will want to know about your aesthetic goals and have a chance to examine your face in person. He will also want to know about your medical history, especially any past surgical or even minimally-invasive facial procedures including Botox or dermal fillers. Together, you can decide if a deep plane facelift is the best choice to rejuvenate your face.

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