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What does laser hair removal cost?

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 6, 2019 9:34:30 AM

Laser hair removalLaser hair removal is one of our most popular treatment options here at Raval Facial Aesthetics Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, for both women and men. No doubt that’s because the procedure is so versatile. We can help you get rid of unwanted or excessive hair virtually anywhere on your body, in tiny places such as earlobes or bigger areas such as your back.

While that’s great news, we know you want to know what will cost to finally get rid of that hair. So let’s look into that.

Laser Hair Removal cost is an individual thing

As with any variable procedure, cost depends to some degree on your personal goals. Some patients want to get rid of hair only in one specific area, other patients want to address several areas. So, the larger the treatment area, or the more places on your body you want treated, the longer that will take and the more it will cost.

Laser hair removal is highly effective, but it takes more than one treatment session (usually between 3 and 7) to get all those unwanted hairs. That’s because hair grows in cycles and the laser works only on actively growing hairs. With multiple sessions, we can catch the hairs at the right time. (There is a chance that a few hairs may reappear at some point in the future, but we can easily remedy that.)

Your laser hair removal treatment plan will be tailored just for you, and the final cost will reflect that. However, these examples of our most popular options will give you an idea what to expect. We will discuss your actual cost during your personal consultation, once we’ve worked together to determine exactly what you want and need.


  • Underarms, bikini or chin $159 for 3 treatments
  • Brazilian $250 a treatment
  • Lower Legs $200-$400 a treatment
  • Full Legs $550-$900 a treatment


  • Back $300-$600 a treatment
  • Chest $200-$400 a treatment
  • Face $350 a treatment

*Pricing as of March 2019 and subject to change.

Consider your total return on your investment

Laser hair removal is super-fast. Typically, it takes just a few seconds to treat a small area, less than an hour to do your entire back. That makes scheduling convenient, and it saves you time. There’s no way you can effectively address your own back, and it takes more than a few seconds to shave even small areas. Time is money, you know.

Although laser hair removal does require more than one session for optimal results, after that results are virtually permanent. So we can’t tell you it’s “one and done,” but the end is easily in sight. What a difference compared to spending the rest of your life wasting time and money on some other hair removal option. Laser hair removal might even pay for itself.

Cost and quality usually go hand in hand, and you cannot put a price on safety. Laser hair removal is not a spa treatment like a facial, it is a medical procedure. To ensure your personal safety as well as optimal results, you want a provider who has the training and skill that comes from experience working with lasers. We’re especially proud of our team here at RMLA – Dr. Jeffrey Raval and our Paramedical Aestheticians have what it takes to help you achieve the best possible results, effectively, safely, and comfortably.

Are you a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Find out by scheduling a private consultation. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can lower your lifetime cost of hair removal. And, with warm weather on the way, you’ll be looking your smoothest just in time.

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