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Restylane Under Eyes? Oh, Yes!

03/25/22 | 2 MIN READ

Are you noticing dark circles under your eyes? Maybe you’re just tired. A good night’s sleep and you’ll look fully refreshed again. Or, maybe not. Smudgy dark circles that make you look tired – not to mention older – are common among men and women over the age of 30. If you’re ready to lose the darkness and see brighter, smoother skin, Restylane® under your eyes may be the best solution.

Surprised? Yes, Restylane® is an injectable dermal filler. But it’s a proven winner when it comes to replenishing hydration and volume, and it is entirely safe for use in the very delicate eye area. Here’s why we like to use Restylane under the eyes.

Restylane Aids in Natural Restoration

Already, as you head into your 30s your skin is starting to lose moisture and elasticity. As you age, you may also gradually lose some of the fat that keeps your facial contours youthfully plump and smooth. That darkness you see developing under your eyes is often shadowing that appears as fat disappears and the skin starts to sink. In addition, loss of fat exposes tiny blood vessels under the skin’s surface so it appears darker.

Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally-occurring substance that enables your skin to grab and hold onto moisture molecules. HA loss due to aging is a major reason your skin becomes dry and lax. Restylane is made from something called NASHA, or Non-Animal, Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid, which cannot cause allergic reaction, so it is a great choice for sensitive skin such as around the eyes.

Restylane is formulated to effectively replace lost volume to smooth away wrinkles that are starting to form. And since it sits between the blood vessels and the skin, where fat used to be, it also reduces their visibility. Instead of looking fatigued or older than your years, your eyes can look smooth and more youthful again.

What to Expect During a Restylane Treatment

Like all dermal fillers, using Restylane under eyes is the essence of convenience. It requires only a minimal time commitment for in-office injection appointments and there is no downtime required afterward. Most of our patients go right back to whatever they had planned for the rest of their day -- work, exercise, social engagements, etc.

Dr. Raval always uses the finest needles available for dermal injections to minimize discomfort. However, for the eye area he will apply a numbing cream to your skin first. Then he will strategically inject tiny amounts of Restylane where needed to address fine lines and darkening.

You may see some initial mild bruising or swelling, but we will apply an ice pack to your eyes here in the office to reduce the possibility of bruising or swelling, and you can continue to do this at home if you feel it is needed.

Safe, Gentle Results

Compared to serums and creams that aim to improve skin around the eyes, Restylane injections produce immediate results that can last for many months. However, results are not permanent because the product will be turned into water and absorbed by your body over time. Periodic refresher injections allow you to maintain your appearance, and also to modify the amount of product or placement as your face naturally changes with age.

With Restylane, improved elasticity, hydration and skin structure come together to give your under-eyes – indeed, your entire face – a naturally fresh, revitalized appearance. And if you’re seeing other areas of concern in the eye area such as crow’s feet, it’s good to know that using Restylane under eyes makes a great companion treatment with Botox injections to correct or head off those unwanted wrinkles.
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