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Plump your Lips!

11/08/21 | 2 MIN READ

Full, plump lips signal youth and sex appeal, so it’s no surprise that lip filler continues to be a very popular facial enhancement option for many women. Injectable filler can augment your upper and/or lower lips to add some fullness that Mother Nature may not have provided and give your lips and face a more balanced appearance. Fillers can also replenish volume that has diminished over time due to aging.

However, lip filler can easily be overdone, giving you that dreaded trout-pout or duck lips that are neither youthful nor sexy. No worries about that here at Raval facial Aesthetics, though, because Dr. Jeffrey Raval’s philosophy is always “less is more.” When it comes to lip filler, we know you want lips that look entirely natural -- smooth and plump and soft to the touch, just right for smiles and kisses.

That takes a skillfully administered combination of the right filler in the right amount.

The Right Product

We offer two dermal fillers that are specially formulated to produce lusciously smooth and natural looking lips -- Restylane and Juvéderm Ultra. Both are well-proven, made from hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally produced by the body that hydrates and supports the skin), are safe and produce natural looking results. We will recommend the filler that is best for you based on your age, lifestyle, skin and the amount of change you want to make to your lips.

Because lip filler does not affect underlying muscles, it has no effect on your facial expressions. You’ll still have your trademark smile, just fuller and more youthful looking.  

The Right Amount

Dr. Raval, our licensed nurse injectors and aesthetic injectors are highly skilled in the art of dermal filler injection. Based on your skin, desired results and the lip filler being used, they know precisely how much is just right for you.

Interestingly, there are some aesthetic guidelines that apply to lip enhancement to achieve balance without an over-filled look. The lower lip should always be bigger, about 1.6 times the size of the upper lip. These proportions give plenty of “play” to both lips but not so much that your mouth looks pouty all the time. Using lip filler more conservatively ensures you will look sexy, but natural. And if you decide you want even more fullness, we can always add more.

You can get the look you want, but feel free to change your mind. Lip fillers are temporary because they are absorbed by the body over several months. This is actually good news because:

  • If you don’t like the way your newly-plumped lips look after all, we can dissolve the filler safely and simply and you can return to normal.
  • If you love your new look, you can maintain it with periodic renewal injections.
  • As you age, we can adjust the amount of filler so your lips continue to look plump and supple.

Short and Sweet - You’ll Be Smiling Right Away

Lip filler treatments take only about 15 minutes. We use very fine needles (the thinnest available) to place tiny amounts just where needed. Filler injections are generally not painful, but the lips are especially sensitive, so we use a numbing agent first to ensure maximum comfort.

You’ll see a difference right away although your lips may appear slightly swollen or reddened and feel tender or itchy at first. There is no downtime, but we recommend scheduling treatment to allow for initial swelling to subside before you make your next big public appearance.

So plump up those lips! But choose the right filler and a skilled injector so your newly enhanced lips look and feel completely natural.

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