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Our Favorite Fall Treatments

11/07/22 | 2 MIN READ

When autumn rolls around, you might start to wonder which skin rejuvenation treatments will carry you through the season looking your best. That brings up a bigger question; is there such a thing as seasonal treatments?

Well, yes and no. In some ways it depends more on your goals than the time of year.

Why Fall Treatments?

Some patients prefer fall and winter for treatments that require post-procedure downtime. Most of us spend more time indoors during these months, so it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice to “give up” a day (or a few) for recovery and staying out of the sun. Some treatments produce desired results only after multiple sessions. You can start any time, but if you have a target date in mind – maybe an upcoming wedding or vacation – you’ll need to plan ahead to reach your skin improvement goal by that date.

Laser hair removal is a great example. We often think of this as a summer treatment because the goal is hassle-free smooth skin you can show off even when wearing skimpy swimwear. But laser hair removal requires several treatment sessions, so fall is an ideal time to get those areas looking smooth for next summer.

Party Perfect Skin

Now that people are mingling again, parties are sure to be back on everyone’s schedule. As summer ends and the holiday season approaches, this is a great time for some serious skin rejuvenation. You can replace the effects of summer-long exposure to sun, wind, dust and dry air with smile-worthy skin that glows with youthful good health.

At Raval Facial Aesthetics and Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, we offer an array of non-invasive treatments like HydraFacials and chemical peels that can make a big difference in your skin’s surface condition and appearance. These are great for periodic maintenance year-round and also when you have a big event coming up like a party, a work presentation, a hot date, or simply when you feel like treating yourself to a relaxing, beneficial treatment.

We also offer microneedling, a customizable minimally-invasive treatment that treats both surface and sub-surface skin imperfections. Microneedling is another treatment that requires multiple sessions to achieve optimal results, but getting started in the fall should give you early improvement in time for the holidays (and final results for spring).

Don’t forget about our laser skin resurfacing treatments that can help address:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • discoloration such as melasma or age spots
  • visibility of acne scars and texture
  • clarity of surface skin to reveal more uniform tone and texture

Ablative laser treatments that scrub or scrape the surface can produce more obvious results, but they require a little more downtime so your skin can calm and recover. Non-ablative treatments such as IPL are gentler. They work more gradually, so they may require more treatment sessions, but there is only minimal downtime required.

Great Looking Skin is Always in Season

There are many treatment options to correct skin imperfections and stimulate natural production of new, healthy skin. Along with those mentioned above, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to dermal fillers and Botox®. After all, injectables are at the top of everyone’s list of year-round favorites for achieving and maintaining a consistently more youthful appearance.

The other year-round essential? Daily, medical-grade skincare. You can’t always know if over-the-counter products will do what they claim, which ones to use, or even what the ingredients are. Medical grade products contain higher concentrations of key ingredients, and their consistent quality is assured. Our Raval Rx line of skin care products was created by Dr. Jeffrey Raval himself, based on his medical knowledge and patient experience.

Right Now is the Best Time for Skin Rejuvenation

If you’ve never tried cosmetic treatments before, or if it’s been a while, the best place to start is with a personal complexion analysis. We use non-invasive Visia® technology to look below the surface because you’d be surprised at what even a trained eye cannot see. Visia® enables us to get the most accurate picture of your skin – and show you exactly what we’re talking about when we make treatment recommendations. So let’s get started - schedule your consultation today.

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