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A Non-Surgical Option for Rhinoplasty: Liquid Rhinoplasty

03/28/19 | 1 MIN READ

Unhappy with the appearance of your nose, yet concerned about Rhinoplasty surgery, risks, recovery time and cost? Going under the knife is a huge decision and you need a significant amount of downtime to recover. Consider a non-surgical option when thinking about minor changes to the nose!

Using an injectable filler such as Radiesse or Restylane, the artful doctor can improve bumps, droopy tips, & even a crooked nose! Instead of taking a bump out, the doctor can fill in around the bump to smooth the appearance and actually achieve amazing results. It can be done relatively quickly and there is little to no downtime. Some bruising can occur, but you can resume normal activities right away.

Results are not permanent and will last about a year. Therefore, consider your long term goals, because repeated yearly injections will quickly add up.

A "Liquid Rhinoplasty" is a great option for minors, for someone looking to see subtle changes or for those concerned about timing or cost. This type of treatment will not work on someone who needs functional reconstruction, such as a deviated septum. Talk with your doctor and decide if this might be a great option for you! The Aging Face eBook Download

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