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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Posted by Amy Raval on Jul 6, 2018, 12:16:15 PM

Laser Hair Removal for MenWomen aren’t the only ones who get sick and tired of shaving or waxing unwanted hair, right guys? It’s tiresome, it’s expensive over time, and it’s endless. And waxing hurts! No wonder men are catching on to the versatility and value of laser hair removal. In fact, this treatment is second only to Botox when it comes to minimally-invasive procedures most popular with men.

Laser hair removal is fast, it is safe and effective for use virtually anywhere on your body, and it is only slightly uncomfortable, according to most guys.

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Why Manscaping matters

Laser hair removal makes grooming easier, improves personal hygiene, and builds confidence in your appearance. Men are turning to laser treatments to address a wide range of hairy challenges -- any of these issues sound familiar?

  • You’ve had it with shaving your face and neck, especially the back of your neck. Maybe you’re just tired of it. Or maybe you suffer from ingrown hairs that cause dark or red bumps on your skin. Or folliculitis, that causes tiny pimples.
  • Your hair is so bushy, it gets itchy in summer or when you exercise.
  • You have hair where you don’t want it. Let’s be honest here. A hairy behind, back, or certain other parts of your anatomy can make some guys feel self-conscious. You’d rather show off your smooth skin and physique. Some guys are even following the lead of the woman in their lives and getting a laser “trim” in their pubic area.
  • You want hair, but it’s just not there. If balding is bothering you, laser hair removal allows you to go with the flow and do your entire scalp for a trendy, consistent look.

Athletes love laser hair removal

Swimmers, cyclists, and body builders don’t want body hair. Hair creates drag, and in a sport where a split second can determine winning or losing, that matters. Hair can cause uncomfortable chafing under tight cycling shorts and compression tights, especially once you start to sweat. And hair gets in the way of your post-action massage.

Laser hair removal gives you the sleek skin you need for peak performance. Plus, you can say goodbye to the time and hassle of repeated shaving or waxing prior to workouts or competitions.

How Laser Hair Removal for men possible?

The lasers we use for hair removal target pigment in individual hair follicles with a tiny beam of intense light. The light kills the follicle, so it stops producing hair. Treatments take little time -- from a few minutes for a small area to about an hour for your entire back, for example. However, you will need several sessions for maximum results. That’s because hair grows in cycles and the laser only works on actively-growing hairs. Multiple sessions enable us to reach and treat as many follicles as possible.

Thanks to extremely precise targeting, we can use this procedure to reduce hair thickness, if that’s your goal. Whether you want to reduce or eliminate hair, results will be very long-lasting. But they won’t be truly permanent, because eventually a few fine hairs may return. If so, we can easily treat them at that time.

Because the laser works below the surface, it doesn’t affect your skin. That said, you may feel a little discomfort (like a mild sunburn) for a day or two afterward. There is no downtime involved, but you’ll have to skip your workout for 48 hours, too, because excess blood flow can cause inflammation.

One potentially negative note: because lasers require contrast to find hair follicles, the procedure works best on men who have darker hair and lighter skin. However, recent advances in laser technology now make this treatment a viable option for a wider range of individuals.

Enough, already!

Isn’t it time to stop hassling with excessive or unwanted hair? Laser hair removal treatments are custom-tailored to each person’s skin, hair, and aesthetic goals. By scheduling a personal consultation with Dr. Jeff Raval, you can learn if you’re a good candidate (we’ll do a small test to make sure) and discuss a personalized plan of attack.

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