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Having a Perfect Nose has Never Been Easier

03/28/19 | 1 MIN READ

Board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Raval is highly regarded for his rhinoplasty surgeries and he can correct any number of issues or malformations of the nose. Being known as the Nose job doctor, he can help anyone have the nose that'll bring back their self confidence and self esteem.

The Procedure

Rhinoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis and there are 2 methods which can be used, including the closed and open techniques. A closed rhinoplasty means there'll be no incision made on the outside of the nose, while the open rhinoplasty involves an inverted V shaped incision along the middle column of the nose. Next, the skin will be lifted and the tissue, bone and cartilage underneath will be reshaped and sculpted to achieve the desired results. When it's done, the skin will be re-draped and secured using very fine stitches.

Post Surgery

In the first day, patients will need to rest with their head elevated and in the first week, they should expect to feel pain around their nose, feel puffiness and have a headache. Pain, swelling and bruising should also be expected for the first one to two weeks, but these can be relieved by using cold compresses. Some patients may experience bleeding in the first few days, which will generally stop on its own.

While everyone recovers at their own pace, within a day of their rhinoplasty, the patient should be able to walk on his own. Showering is recommended on the second or third day. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks, the nose will be quite sensitive, so it's best if patients avoid strenuous physical activities. After this period, they can return to exercising, lifting and other activities, but it's important they avoid physical contact to their nose and sun exposure for about 2 months. Lastly, patients should know that the appearance of their nose will gradually improve over several months.


Temporary bruising around the eyes and swelling are normal after rhinoplasty. However, there are certain problems which may occur and some of them include:

  1. Complications of anesthesia
  2. Serious nasal blockage due to swelling inside the nose
  3. Infection
  4. Irritation from the bandaging and tape, breakdown of skin tissue
  5. Holes or injury to the septum
  6. Bleeding

Rhinoplasty is a permanent procedure and everyone considering it will be able to have their nose reshaped properly. With years of experience behind him, Dr. Jeffrey Raval will ensure every patient gets the wonderful results they deserve so they are proud of what they see when looking at their new nose in the mirror.

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