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Introducing the BBL Hero Laser

08/25/22 | 2 MIN READ

Patients that come to Raval Facial Aesthetics for non-surgical cosmetic enhancement know we do not offer every single treatment currently on the market. Instead, we are very selective and careful in evaluating which new devices or treatments can provide the most benefit for our patients, safely as well as effectively. So, when we add something new, we are more than excited to let our friends and fans know.

Introducing BBL HERO

That short name is a lot easier to remember than this system’s formal name: BroadBand Light High Energy, Rapid Output. BBL HERO is a uniquely different, more advanced take on intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, from one of the most respected names in skin rejuvenation – Sciton. It is a multi-faceted system, with many treatment options, that targets both surface discoloration and vascularity in the deeper skin layers.

We can precisely control delivery of the light pulses to tailor the treatment to each patient’s skin and their unique goals.That ability to customize treatments in detail is just one of the reasons we are so pleased to add BBL HERO to our collection of tools to combat the signs of aging and sun damage.

How the BBL HERO Works

Intense pulsed light therapy is technically different from laser treatments, though we often talk about IPL as one of our “laser” options because it can produce very similar results. Because IPL utilizes a flash of light, it is often referred to as a “photofacial”.

The sapphire crystal technology IPL uses helps to keep the treatment area cool and allows the patient to feel more comfortable. This innovative technology provides a safer and more gentle treatment. However, we will also first apply a topical anesthetic to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. We’ll also give you some stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from the intense light. Treatment itself is non-invasive -- we pass the device over the surface of your skin so it can deliver pulses of light energy to gently heat the skin tissue. As it does this, it is triggering the skin’s natural wound healing response to effectively deliver collagen and elastin to the treatment area for healthy new skin. 

BBL HERO is Versatile

We can choose from a wide range of wavelengths to specifically target different skin concerns on the face and body brought on by exposure to the sun, the natural aging process, acne, and more – the sorts of problems we all experience! We can treat an array of issues at the same time all with one device:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone or texture
  • Hyperpigmentation (age spots/dark spots)
  • Rosacea
  • Redness
  • Vascular lesions (broken capillaries, telangiectasia, cherry hemangiomas)
  • Acne Scarring/Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

BBL HERO can do amazing things to improve skin on the backs of your hands too! The technology is safe and effective for most body parts and Dr. Raval and the laser technician will discuss your own candidacy for this treatment during your personal consultation.

BBL HERO Produces Impressive Results

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Skin rejuvenation is all about improving your appearance and confidence with skin that looks smoother, more uniform, more vibrant and youthful. BBL HERO improves firmness and elasticity and also works to even out the skin tone, so the skin looks and feels supple.

Some patients can achieve their aesthetic goal with just one treatment. More likely, it may take 3-6 sessions to see maximum results. IPL is gentle treatment and going with this approach means results will appear gradually. We usually recommend spacing treatment sessions 4-6 weeks apart so your skin has a chance to rest and recover in between.

Final results should be visible within a couple of weeks to a month. It is recommended to come back quarterly to address any new sun damage that comes up.

BBL HERO treatment does not require downtime, though it’s best to avoid heat for the first two days after treatment. Most patients experience some redness and swelling immediately following treatment and light sensitivity for the first week or two following treatment.

Is BBL Your New HERO?

Let’s find out. Schedule a consultation to learn more about this versatile, innovative technology and whether it could be the right treatment to resolve your skin imperfections.

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