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What to Ask in a Rhinoplasty Consultation: "How Much Experience Do You Have With these Procedures?"

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:37:00 PM

If a doctor’s certifications, trainings, and honors impress you, you will want to ask during your rhinoplasty consultation how long they have performed rhinoplasty procedures. Don’t assume that a greater more years or patients always means a better the procedure, healing process, and outcome. The best outcomes result from consistent practice. For rhinoplasty—the most complex, popular, and misunderstood of facial surgeries—a consistent practice is one in which the surgeon values each surgery, evaluates each outcome, and learns from each patient.

For example, after 10 years of specialized training and double-board certification in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Raval has practiced in Denver since 2001. He began as an ENT, which strengthened his present focus on facial plastic surgery and nasal airway reconstruction procedures.

Dr. Raval performs more than 100 nasal surgeries every year. The average surgeon performs half as many—50 or more per year (by an aggregate of sources). If each surgery lasts 2.5 hours, Dr. Raval would have 3,250 hours of in-surgery experience in comparison to only 1,625 hours if the average surgeon were also in practice since 2001.

In addition to more surgical experience than the average surgeon, Dr. Raval believes that “It’s not just the experience. It’s how you learn from the experience that creates great patient outcomes.” Dr. Raval’s rhinoplasty procedure is a process of consultation, procedure, and evaluation—to create better outcomes for his patients. Dr. Raval has helped at least 1,000 patients to reach their respiratory and aesthetic goals. Their feedback and his experience has created a patient-driven practice.

Even in your questions of surgical outcomes, your surgeon’s patients are the best reference. So, ask, “Can you provide references from similar patients?”

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