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6 Treatments to a Clean Bikini Line

Posted by Amy Raval on Apr 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM

bikini lineIt might be hard to believe, given the fact it’s still plenty cold and wintry outside, but summer will be here soon. So . . . about that bikini line. Why not make this the summer you finally say goodbye to shaving or waxing that never ends and never produces the results you really want? It can take just five to six short sessions of laser hair removal to can achieve a clean bikini line.

Summer is the season of skin exposure, and lasers can remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body. So you might want to also consider treatments for nearby pubic areas or on your arms, hands, legs, or toes to show the world smoother, glowing skin from head to toe.

Busy schedule? No sweat!

Laser hair removal is fast, so it’s easy to find the time. How long your treatment sessions will last depends on how much skin you’re having treated. A tiny area can take just a few seconds, a very large area (such as the entire back) may take up to an hour. So bikini line shouldn’t take long at all. You will get a more specific time estimate during your personal consultation.

Not only are treatment sessions short, there is no downtime with laser hair removal. You can get right back to your normal daily routine. Your skin may look and feel slightly “sunburned” for a few days.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Forget that phrase “no pain, no gain”! Laser hair removal is not painful, yet you can gain so much. Yes, you can feel the laser working, but clients tell us it’s a bit like being snapped with a hot rubber band.

In the hands of a skilled and experienced professional such as our paramedical aestheticians, laser hair removal is both precise, gentle, and safe. Safety and comfort are critical because lasers can cause harm if used inappropriately.

Why 6 sessions for laser hair removal?

The laser works by precisely targeting the pigment in hair follicles under the skin. The pigment absorbs the intense light from the laser, which kills the follicle so it can no longer grow hair. Over the next few weeks, existing hairs from the treated follicles fall out. You’re left with smoother skin.

You can’t accomplish full coverage with just one session, though, because the laser works only on active follicles. Our hair grows in cycles, and not all follicles are on the same cycle. By scheduling five to six sessions a month or so apart, we are able to target virtually of your hair follicles at just the right time.

Because the laser works below the skin’s surface, not on the hair itself, you don’t have to grow out your hair between sessions. On the other hand, it’s OK to shave, if you want.

Lasers require contrast to “see” targeted pigment, so they are most effective for people with dark hair and light skin. However, recent technology advancements now allow us to treat those with darker skin as well as those with graying or very pale hair. During your personal consultation, we will perform a test procedure to help predict your personal results.

Your new bikini line will be surprisingly affordable

When you consider the time and money you spend on a never-ending procession of depilatory creams, supplies for shaving, or waxing appointments, laser hair removal compares beautifully. Once your initial treatment sessions are complete, your results are virtually permanent.  

Like the treatments themselves, cost is different for each individual. It depends on size of area being treated, your hair and skin types, and other personal factors. During your consultation, we can discuss your desires, answer your questions, and examine your skin up close. That way, we’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan just for you and tell you what the total cost will be.


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