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5 Reasons Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Procedures Are Rising

Posted by Amy Raval on Oct 20, 2019 7:30:00 AM

1. Rhinoplasty procedures can make you look younger.
Rhinoplasty procedures can have many positive outcomes for patients. In one study, researchers looked at successful rhinoplasty outcomes and found that people thought patients looked younger. Regardless of the actual age of the patient, there was a decrease in the perceived age of the patient. Learn more about this study by reading our post on the “Unexpected Benefits of Rhinoplasty.”

2. A nose Job improves the overall aesthetic of your face.

Before undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon will consult with you to analyze the overall structure of your face to determine the most natural shape for your new nose. The shape of your nose affects the overall symmetry and attractiveness of your face. Consulting with a trusted, experienced surgeon can help ensure your surgery improves your profile as well as your overall facial aesthetic. Learn more about the benefits of rhinoplasty.

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3. Rhinoplasty can improve your quality of life.

For patients who suffer from breathing complications due to a deviated septum, persistent sinus problems, or even nasal valve collapse, rhinoplasty can provide relief. By addressing structural breathing problems, patients can breathe easier by improving airflow, giving them more oxygen and removing obstructions that cause difficulty breathing. When it became easier to breathe, patients of a long-term study reported high feelings of satisfaction and well-being. Read more about addressing sinus issues or nasal valve collapse. 

4. Rhinoplasty procedures are popular for men and women alike.

The appeal of easier breathing, a more youthful look, and better facial symmetry all appeal to men as well as women. Although women make up 82% of both surgical and non-surgical procedures, rhinoplasty is the most requested surgery for both men and women according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Read more about rhinoplasty as a plastic surgery trend for men.

5. Rhinoplasty can boost your confidence and self-image.

In a long-term study, researchers studying rhinoplasty’s effect on the lives of patients made some surprising discoveries. By undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, patients had improvement in their mental health and self-esteem due to positive changes in their breathing as well as appearance. Patients reported that the procedure helped them foster a more positive self-image and experience more joy. Read more about the unexpected benefits of rhinoplasty.

Dr. Raval has been performing rhinoplasty procedures using surgical and non-surgical methods for many years. He is recognized as a Compassionate Doctor (2013), a Patients’ Choice surgeon (2011-2013), and one of America’s Top Physicians (2007-2012). Patients seeking a trusted surgeon for their rhinoplasty consultation can contact our office at (303) 381-3223.

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