VolumaAre you interested in getting back that youthful glow? Are you in search of a way to rid yourself of those fine lines and wrinkles? Do you want to do all of this without surgical intervention? The good news is you can, thanks to dermal fillers like Voluma.

What is Voluma? Developed by Juvederm, Voluma is an injectable gel created to help smooth moderate to sever signs of aging including folds and wrinkles. It is typically used to add youthful-looking volume to the cheek area, as well as around the nose and mouth.

How does it work? Quick and comfortable, Voluma treatments are performed by a qualified physician who injects the gel into the target areas revealing an almost instant rejuvenation to the fullness of the patient’s face. Results and side effects vary per patient, which is why all patients must meet for a private consultation prior to the procedure. During the consultation the physician will address their patient’s expectations and go over their medical history.

How long does it last? The lift giving and volume restoring effects can last up to two years for many patients. The length of results varies patient to patient, and your physician can provide you with tips to prolong the effects.

Non-invasive Voluma provides natural looking results, giving patients that youthful appearance without sacrificing their unique appearance. Voluma requires no downtime and can be performed along with other procedures.

For more information on Voluma and if it is for you contact the experts at Raval MD today!

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