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Dr. Raval on the Art of Rhinoplasty

Posted by Amy Raval on Sep 9, 2014 1:00:34 AM

Dr. Raval’s rhinoplasty procedure (also known as a nose job), is guided by high standards of care and craft. In his consultation room and before-and-after photos, patients can easily observe Dr. Raval’s belief in the “art of rhinoplasty”—a procedure that continues to earn him national praise, awards, and recognition. Dr. Raval’s belief in performing each rhinoplasty as an art for each unique patient is shared and supported by a recent interview with his former Fellowship Director and mentor, Dr. Simons. In this post, Dr. Raval explains why he thinks three essential elements—Simplicity, Healing, and Realism—help him create artful, satisfying results for his patients.

Elegant Simplicity. “I firmly believe in many things that I learned through my high regard for my mentor,” says Dr. Raval, “I believe that wonderfully subtle outcomes are often achieved by the least invasive techniques possible.” For example, Dr. Raval frequently recommends using dermal fillers to enhance surgical revisions, rather than complicating surgical procedures with unnecessary implants or incisions. “Dr. Simons’ view that ‘rhinoplasty is a conservative procedure’,” adds Dr. Raval, “supports my own striving for ‘simplicity of surgery’ and patients’ preference for my strategic combinations rather than the over-worked outcomes of other surgeons.”

Ample Healing. In comparison to the single-treatment rhinoplasty which requires more intensive downtime, Dr. Raval’s combinatory method adds control to the comfort and resulting appearance of his patients. Like any artist, Dr. Raval believes that creating the best personal result comes from a thoughtful process: “By giving a patient what my mentor calls ‘the tincture of time’ between surgical and non-surgical treatments, we can revisit and enhance their results.” He adds, “Dr. Simon says ‘every nose deserves five operations’ because taking time to heal and reassess is not just psychologically and physically healthier for patients, it can also give them the more specific, personal results.” Finally, the principles of elegant simplicity and ample healing in the performance of rhinoplasty aims for realistic expectations and natural results.

Aesthetic Realism. “The natural is much more attractive than the artificial,” believes Dr. Raval, “and yet sometimes we hear about surgeons or patients trying procedures greater and greater in complexity to achieve unrealistic results.” Dr. Raval, who consults each patient about their unique expectations and goals, believes that “we must realize that the nose will be improved, but never perfect, after surgical and non-surgical techniques.” His mentor, Dr. Simons, advocates similarly that rhinoplasty is often “an operation that is not seen, or shouldn’t be seen, in the nose itself, but it should be seen in the eyes of the individual.” Dr. Raval performs and supports rhinoplasty procedures only for patients with realistic expectations of surgical outcomes.

Dr. Raval’s principle-guided practice makes it possible for patients to benefit from a more psychologically-positive process, a physically safer procedure, and more personal, natural-looking results. You can see Dr. Raval’s expertise and artistry for yourself by viewing rhinoplasty before-and-after photos or calling (303) 381-FACE to schedule a consultation.


SUPPORTING SOURCE: John Jesitus through communication with Dr. Robert L. Simons, “Surgeon explains the art of rhinoplasty,” Cosmetic Surgery Times, August 1, 2012.


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