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Denver Restylane Lyft Treatements

Treat wrinkling and lost volume in your cheeks with the only FDA-approved injection for this purpose. This non-surgical treatment is produced by Galderma and belongs to the family of Restylane fillers. Through strategic injections, the filler treats smile lines and gives lift to the mid-face area. The results are immediate and require no downtime for their natural-looking enhancement to your youthfulness. In clinical trials, patients reported improvement for up to 12 months in some cases.




Restylane Lyft is an FDA-approved injectable for treating smile lines and volume loss in the cheek area, produced by Galderma.

Restylane Lyft enhances the volume and “lift” of your cheeks, an improvement that increases the youthful appearance of the face overall. In a clinical trial of over 200 patients, 95% reported noticeable improvement within the first two months, and 73% of patients continued to see improvement for up to 12 months.


Restylane Lyft treatments work best as a series of injections spaced over the period of months. Each treatment is a 15-minute, in-office procedure. The injection delivers smooth volume enhancement to key areas of the face. There is no downtime for Restylane Lyft treatments, but as an injection, a Restylane Lyft procedure carries a slight risk of redness, infection, inflammation, and swelling around the area of injection.

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