Blu-U Photodynamic ACNE CONTROL

Anyone of any age can suffer from acne. Not exclusive to teenagers, acne can be troublesome to adults as well, and many patients with acne have concerns with the use of drugs and antibiotics. Mountain Laser Aesthetics employs a few acne treatments that may alleviate these concerns and offer most patients excellent results.

Some of the treatments methods for acne are as follows:
• Blu-U Light
• Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments
• Skincare products such as Obagi Clenziderms Kits.


Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics use the BLU-U Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy Illuminator Model 4170 to control moderate acne.

The BLU-U is a special blue light that can kill the Propionibacterium acne (P. acnes) bacteria in your skin. Treatments are simple: you sit with your face close to the BLU-U light for a short time, usually a 30-minute session once or twice a week for 5-6 consecutive weeks.

Approved for use by the FDA in 2003 for the treatment of moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris, the BLU-U light treats the tiny sebaceous glands that lie just beneath the surface of the skin. The natural function of these glands is to collect and excrete the oily substance called sebum to keep the skin healthy. However, sometimes the tiny pathway for the sebum to escape becomes clogged and a bacterium called P. acnes grows inside. When that happens the area swells up and forms a pimple on the skin, a condition that can become very active at certain times in one’s life.

BLU-U treatments may be recommended for up to five weeks with periodic maintenance treatments ongoing. BLU-U is safe, not hot and not painful at all. Results can be seen a few weeks after first treatment.