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What to ask in Rhinoplasty Consultation: "Can you provide Before & After Photos?"

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:40:00 PM

Rhinoplasty before and afterFrom their past procedures, your situation and needs may resemble those you have seen in online “before and after” galleries. Through consultation, you can gain greater access to similar patient outcomes through patient references. Ask your doctor to see similar surgical results from their own before and after portfolio and to have a list of patients you can contact. One or two contacts may not be a good sign, but the longer list is not always better because you really want a patient portfolio and reference list relevant to your procedure.

For example, Dr. Raval provides open access to a diverse and extensive online “before and after” portfolio in addition to the patient photos and references he gives prospective patients. Since you have an idea of how many nasal surgeries he has performed, you can expect that for most surgical needs Dr. Raval can provide a satisfying set of examples and references. If another surgeon’s portfolio or references seems limited, consider whether selection is limited because your surgery is relatively rare. In comparison to the uniqueness of your surgery, a highly trained and experienced surgeon should produce satisfactory “before and after” photos and references.

By reviewing photos and references, you can set expectations for their rhinoplasty surgeries as well as evaluate how they represent results—whether openly or selectively. Relative to your needs, more relevant results and references can mean a better surgery and more trust of your surgeon’s practice. You can develop expectations and trust further by hearing how they represent risks: “What are the major risks?”

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