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Reduce sweating and underarm hair at the same time

Posted by Amy Raval on Mar 28, 2019 1:37:00 PM

laser-hair-removal-underarms300x200Summer is here. It’s time to get those underarms under control. Nobody wants to spend another summer worrying about excessive sweating or unsightly hair! Did you know you can reduce perspiration and visible hair under your arms at the same time? You can, with Dr. Jeffrey Raval’s dual approach to underarm rejuvenation.

At a moment’s notice, you can change into your swimsuit, that cute new cami, or your favorite kick-back sleeveless shirt – without the oh, no! moment when you realize you forgot to shave under your arms this morning. And that pretty new dress? You can stop worrying about dark, damp circles or ugly white patches of rubbed-off deodorant, at work or out on the town.

At Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, you can address both issues during the same appointment.

Botox for Excessive Sweating

We all know that Botox injections can dramatically reduce facial dynamic wrinkles. But many people don’t know that Dr. Raval can use Botox in the same way to significantly reduce excessive underarm perspiration, a condition called axillary hyperhidrosis. Tiny injections under the skin’s surface relax your sweat glands, so they don’t go into overdrive. The procedure is safe, and it’s effective.

Botox injections to reduce excessive sweating take mere minutes. There is little discomfort, and no downtime. Can you say “lunch hour”?

Laser Hair Removal for Underarm Hair

Laser hair removal has become a go-to option for eliminating hair from virtually any place on the body. You may not have considered it for underarms, but why not? The precisely targeted laser beams a high-intensity light on hair follicles below your skin’s surface. The follicle is killed when the pigment inside it absorbs the light, so it won’t continue to produce new hairs.

Like Botox injections, laser hair removal is safe, fast, and effective, with no downtime. It takes about a second for this type of laser to treat an area the size of a quarter. So it’s easy to see why you can conveniently combine this with Botox in a single appointment.

It does take more than one session

For optimal results, both Botox injections and laser hair removal require multiple treatments. Dr. Raval likes to do a follow-up on your first Botox session to review results and determine if any further injections are needed. Botox results are temporary – lasting several months – so over time, you will want refresher treatments to keep your hyperhidrosis under control.

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatment sessions because the laser targets only actively-growing follicles. Hair grows in multi-phase cycles, and the phases are offset, with different follicles growing at different stages. (Otherwise, you would molt, losing all your hair at once!) Therefore, repeat sessions are needed to treat follicles actively growing at that time.

Although we generally say laser hair removal is permanent, eventually a few hairs may return. However, a quick refresher treatment will remedy that. And it certainly beats endless shaving, waxing, and unsightly underarm stubble.

At Raval, we’ve built our reputation on providing maximum comfort, convenience, and safety, along with the highest quality care. Our dual approach to underarm rejuvenation is a perfect example. Ready to give it a try? With summer at our doorstep, there’s no time to waste. Scheduling a visit now gets you started on the fast track to greater underarm confidence this summer and far beyond.

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