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Laser Hair Reduction is Refined Even Further

Posted by Amy Raval on May 19, 2014, 2:15:24 AM

laser hair reductionThe Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics uses two different high-tech lasers to address removing varying hair texture and skin color.

All lasers are not created equally

May 14, 2007

DENVER, CO—Everyone’s familiar with the scale of 1 – 10. But in laser hair removal, the scale used by experts to define the type of hair removal that’s most appropriate is 1 – 6. That number plus other conveniences drive the use of certain lasers to do the job right, according to Jessica Santi, CNS, CLS and Rocky Mountain Laser Aestheticsal Coordinator.

“We rarely see a Number One,” says Santi. Number One skin would be defined as nearly albino in its whiteness and lack of exposure to the sun and elements. Number Two is rated as a light-skinned Caucasian, generally with blue eyes. Number Three is still Caucasion but with a more olive tone to the skin. Number Four is defined as yet more olive tone including fair-fair-skinned Hispanics and Asians. Number Five is Hispanic and Asian in skin tone and Number Six is Black.

At the Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, Santi and the team of medically-trained laser technicians have passed intensive courses on determining skin types and the most appropriate means of hair removal to recommend to patients seeking hair removal on legs, arms, face, underarms and backs.

The rating used to determine the skin’s color value varies from one part of the body to another as well. The underarm area of a patient might be nearly a Number One while their arms which are exposed regularly to the sun might rate a Four. That differentiation is the reason Santi and the team of technicians under the guidance of Medical Director Jeffrey Raval, MD, FACS, owner of Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics, recommend one hair removal laser rather than the other available at the clinic.

The Cynosure® laser is ideal to treat skin types 1 – 3 while the Sciton laser is most appropriate to treat skin types 3 -6.

Three point one million laser hair removal procedures were performed in 2006, a 22 percent increase over 2005. Medical cosmetic analysts predict that an expected 6 million laser hair removal procedures will be performed in the United States by 2010. In this country, hair removal is the fastest growing non-surgical aesthetic laser application. Hair removal is most popular among women and nearly 15 percent of the patients undergoing hair removal treatments are men.

Using the Cynosure laser, medical technicians at the Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics are able to switch between wavelengths during a single procedure to apply the most appropriate laser for any given hair or skin type. This technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755-nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064-nm Nd:YAG laser.

The Sciton laser’s LAPG computer-guided scanner allows for fast, ideal beam placement.

Another advantage of the robotic technology is the ability to scan individual pulses over an area non-sequentially, allowing heat to dissipate before adjacent hairs are treated, resulting in greater safety and comfort. Instead of selectively cooling and protecting the surface, LAPG enables the use of continuous deep cooling for many seconds to remove heat from the follicles and surrounding tissue resulting in added patient comfort and safety.

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