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Dr. Raval Talks ClubTOX Memberships on Colorado's Best

Posted by Amy Raval on Feb 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Dr. Raval was recently featured on Colorado's Best local segment during The Dr. Oz Show's regular programming! Watch as he discussed Raval Facial Aesthetics' ClubTOX memberships and the benefits it brings for patients. 

Full Video Transcript

Paula Haddock: I'm here at Raval Facial Aesthetics today, home to one of the top facial plastic surgeons in the entire country. Dr. Jeffrey Raval is double board certified and he was recently named one of 5280's Top Docs. So good to see you again.

Dr. Jeffrey Raval: It's nice to see you.

Paula Haddock: Let's talk about the fillers and the injectables, just a great way to really enhance your natural beauty.

Dr. Jeffrey Raval: The great thing abut cosmetic surgery is we learn more and more over time. We've realized that one of the things that occurs as we age is volume loss. The new fillers are really great in terms of restoring more youthful appearance. You add the Botox and the Dysport to that, which can help reduce wrinkles around the forehead and around the eyes. You get a very nice, youthful, natural appearance. Thirdly is our new Kybella treatment, which helps dissolve fat under the chin. After a few treatments you can see noticeable reduction from this in office treatment.

Paula Haddock: And you have a really easy way to help your patients keep it affordable.

Dr. Jeffrey Raval: Right, we have a ClubTOX membership program. What we're trying to emphasize here is maintenance. If you join up with the club and you stay in a regular maintenance program, you get special membership pricing.

Paula Haddock: All right, so call Raval Facial Aesthetics today. Call for the details on a ClubTOX membership and if you sign up today, you'll receive 20 free units of Botox after your first three months. That is a $240 value. Here's the number. 303-381-3223. You can also check out his website, RavalMD.com. Again, that number 303-381-3223.

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